Why TRB?

Top of the Range Builders are the regions’ most in demand builders – no other builder constructed more owner-occupied houses in our region during the past 6 years than TRB.

Why do more people choose to build with Top of the Range Builders?


Reason 1 – Best price, best value, guaranteed

Firstly, TRB offers the best price and the best value.

And they guarantee it.


They won’t be beaten on price when comparing their price “apples for apples” against any genuine quote. Read more

Reason 2 – Fixed price contract

Secondly, TRB use a fixed price contract for peace of mind, so you know exactly what the total cost of build will be. This includes the preliminaries such as an earthworks allowance, standard council fees and engineering charges. Read more

Reason 3 – Standard quality inclusions

Quality inclusions are standard such as tinted windows, mixer taps, Italian kitchen appliances and architectural quality door handles. See the inclusions list for all the detail.

Reason 4 – Deal direct with the builder

Gary Lange and Stephen Matthews are local builders who deal with their clients direct during the building process – this makes for a smoother building process when your feedback is given right to the builder face-to-face.

Reason 5 – Huge range of plans

TRB offers around 60 plans to choose from to meet your family’s needs, and, with a drafting service on site at the display home, any changes needed are a breeze. Find the perfect plan - search now

Reason 6 – Custom design service

Our award-winning design service translates your ideas into your dream home. View the gallery showcasing some of the TRB custom design capability or read more.

Reason 7 – Stress free building

Building doesn’t have to be stressful. Our customers have commented that building with Top of the Range is such an enjoyable process that they would be happy to repeat it and recommend us to their family and friends. 

Reason 8 – Cypress framing

Quality cypress pine timber framing gives natural termite resistance without the use of extra chemicals and has a 50-year guarantee against termite damage. Sometimes doing things the old way is best.

Reason 9 - Warranty

Structural and component warranties of up to six years are standard with Top of the Range Builders. There’s nothing like peace of mind. Read more


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We took all the ideas and sketches collected over time to TRB who incorporated them into a plan and added some other ideas to improve the design into what is now a very liveable home. Steve was on the site most days so available to talk to about anything that came up and willing to fix any little things  – he’s been very good to work with.

Barry and Emily O’Sullivan
Lake Cooby